Directions for use

Lives saved thanks to YOU!


What is “Gifts Without Borders” ?

Gifts Without Borders is an initiative of Médecins Sans Frontières Luxembourg offering you the opportunity on different occasions - birthdays, weddings, baptisms, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Days etc. - to make a quite original present, which makes sense and saves lives.

The internet site contains genuine items used daily by MSF on the field. Buying such an item means donating the corresponding value to MSF who will allocate it in priority where the needs are most urgent. Your gift will enable MSF to treat patients in need, vaccinate populations at risk, help women to give birth or even treat children suffering from malnutrition. Your gift will allow our teams to save more lives.

Once having selected one or several Gifts Without Borders and having validated your payment, you will receive by electronic or posted mail your customizable gift card to be presented to your dear one, together with an explanatory leaflet of the selected gift. We will also send you a letter of thanks at your name to be used as a tax certificate (tax deductible for Luxembourg residents).

You plan to celebrate a happy event and wish to demonstrate solidarity on this occasion?
Organisez une « Party Without Borders » (on the occasion of your birthday or of a wedding, a birth etc.) where your guests will be given the opportunity to replace or make the traditional presents by a Gift Without Borders. You will find all necessary information to organize a Party without Borders on our website here.

Do not hesitate to regularly visit our internet site to be informed about new Gifts Without Borders.


How to order a Gift Without Border? It’s simple and original !
  1. Select a category which appeals to you using the menu bar on the left side of the screen.
  2. Go through the series of items of the selected category and click on the image of the product if you wish to learn more about it.
  3. Add one or more items of the selected category to your basket. A window will appear to confirm your purchase.
  4. Once you have added all items of interest to your basket, select the way you would like to receive your gift card together with the explanatory leaflet: electronic or posted mail.
  5. Cliquez sur le lien « Valider ma commande » pour terminer la transaction.
  6. Insert the data for the invoicing and payment according to the instructions given (If you are a guest of a Party without Borders, you should indicate in the reference the surname and name of the person inviting you. The said person will receive a confirmation notice of your present and you will receive by mail a letter of thanks from us to be used as a tax certificate.
  1. The transaction is over! We will send you a confirmation of the purchase and payment by e-mail as well as a letter of thanks indicating the amount of your gift to be used as a tax certificate.
  2. Together with your close relatives and friends you have helped to save lives! Thank you.