How do I set up a Party Without Borders? It is simple and original !

You are celebrating a happy event (wedding, birth, communion, birthday, golden wedding etc.) and you wish to link a solidarity gesture to this occasion, something original and which makes sense? Have a Party Without Borders and ask your friends and family to replace or make up the gifts they wish to offer you by a Gift Without Borders.

birthday wedding birth xmas retirementSupporting MSF while celebrating a special occasion gives a different meaning to your party. When you decide to associate a happy event of your life to a solidarity gesture, you contribute to improve the day to day life of needy persons. Thanks to your initiative, your guests will learn about the concept and will organize in their turn a Party without Borders. Each time new persons in the world will be saved from inevitable death.

Lives saved thanks to YOU!

How does it work ?
  1. Create an account and log in on Gifts Without Borders website.
  2. Fill out the Party Without Borders creation form with all requested information. You can manage your guest list very simply by logging into your account.
  3. Confirm the registration of your Party Without Borders, an invitation email will be sent to your guests.
  4. Some of your guests do not have an email? Download an invitation.
  5. You can thank your close relatives and friends who have decided to make a Gift Without Borders. From the first gift, you will receive (by electronic or posted mail) at the end of each week, the list of persons having symbolically purchased a Gift Without Borders in your honor. Said list will include surnames, names, addresses as well as the amounts and gifts selected by the persons of the previous week.
  6. Your close relatives and friends will receive from us a letter of thanks which can be used as a tax certificate.
  7. Don’t forget to send us your best photos of your Party Without Borders at
  8. Together with your close relatives and friends, you have contributed to save lives! Thank you.

Good to know: if you do not wish to use the Gifts Without Borders platform, you have three other alternatives:


Money Boxes Without Borders

We can also put money boxes to collect donations (Money Boxes Without Borders) at your disposal, to be used on the day of your party, as well as a downloadable invitation card (3 different sizes) to be sent to your guests. Please contact us from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday, to order a Money Box Without Borders and fix a date to collect it at our premises. That way, you will be able to propose to your guests to slip an envelope with the desired amount in it. Next, you transfer the collected money to our bank account CCPL LU75 1111 0000 4848 0000.


Money transfer to our bank account

You can propose to your guests to make a general donation to one of our four bank accounts:

  • CCP LU75 1111 0000 4848 0000 
  • BCEE LU52 0019 1655 7563 4000 
  • DEXIA LU44 0021 1410 0000 0000 
  • BGL LU48 0030 3396 0042 1000


ALVARUM Platform for donations collection

Alvarum is an innovative and secured online platform which allows to collect donations for a good purpose in a simple and playful manner. In the scope of your Party Without Borders, you can easily create your own page to collect money and motivate your close relatives and friends to send the money raised for the gift to Médecins Sans Frontières

Nevertheless, the Gifts Without Borders platform remains an original and concrete way to express your solidarity.

We stay at your disposal for any question or information regarding your Party Without Borders.