Help and FAQs - À propos de Cadeaux Sans Frontières en entreprise

For any present, you will receive our Gift Card which you may forward to your colleagues, employees and customers on any occasion.

Your single and/or cumulated gifts equal or exceeding 120 euros are deductible from the income tax as per limits and conditions stipulated in articles 109 to 112 of the modified law dated 4th December 1967.

We undertake to send you a tax certificate for any gift made to MSF. From 2000 euros upwards, you may receive for free by electronic or posted mail our financial report on the utilization of gifts in full transparence.

I wish to engage my company in a project which makes sense and I wish to save lives.

Take advantage of some powerful times in your Company to mobilize your colleagues and employees and collect funds to finance the purchase of Gifts Without Borders (Christmas, a Solidarity Day, a sport event, or even on the occasion of a retirement, a wedding, a birth).

As a Company, I wish to support a MSF project.

Our Gifts Without Borders platform offers your Company the possibility to support our projects through the purchase of medical or logistical equipment. The collaboration can take the form of a real partnership which we shall enhance through our various publications or on line.

As a Company, I wish to positively impress my customers and my colleagues.

On the occasion of the traditional year end gifts, why don’t’ you show your customers, suppliers, and colleagues that you are a responsible and committed Company by offering a Gift Without Borders? It is a unique opportunity to say THANK YOU to them while offering a useful, original present which makes sense and saves lives.