Anti cholera kit

Let's fight together against this fatal disease

Thanks to the purchase of a cholera kit, you help our teams to treat infected persons and to check the spreading of the disease. It is of the utmost importance for MSF to intervene quickly in case of epidemics, as cholera can kill in a few hours only if untreated.

Our kits against cholera (an acute intestinal infectious disease caused by a bacteria and which is transmitted by water or contaminated food) contain appropriate medicines, rehydration salts, intravenous drib kits, and other related supplies in order to treat 10 000 patients per week, as well as buckets, rubber boots, chlorine and plastic sheets so as to secure hygiene in the cholera treatment centres (CTC).

Enter now to purchase a kit against cholera and support the fight against this deadly disease.

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An anti cholera kit
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